Retirement Home Entertainment – Rejuvenate the Lives of Your Seniors

Complete the total care package you offer your residents with retirement home entertainment from Hospitality Network. As seniors navigate their twilight years, our innovative services provide comfort and stimulation that foster happier, healthier residents who take a more active interest in their daily lives.

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Revolutionize Retirement Home Entertainment

In spite of all the funding senior homes receive in our great nation, residents in Canada still have to pay for their own retirement home TV and phone services. We believe in delivering comfort and entertainment to residents of long-term care facilities, we deploy the highest-quality integrated technology and client accessibility to bring cable programming to each senior in your care.

As the leading provider of managed TV programming for more than 19,000 suites in 190 senior homes across Canada, we’re able to leverage our relationships with major cable companies to help you enrich your retirement center environment.

Our unique program eliminates the need for cable company interactions and any associated activation, transfer, and disconnection fees. Services your residents can enjoy include:

  • Hi-def televisions and premium cable access
  • Telephone service options
  • Interactive videos
  • Resident-staff communication options
  • Mind-stimulating games
  • Audio books
  • WiFi connection
  • Video conferencing to stay in touch with loved ones

At Hospitality Network, we’re value-driven and passionately strive to make superior healthcare services even better through technology. With ongoing support and updates, we provide the very latest in entertainment products that your patients demand. Offering everything from more basic solutions to the latest and greatest in entertainment technology, we’ll customize your service package to fit your facility’s specifications.

Partner with Hospitality Network for your complete care strategy:

  • No monthly cable expense charged to your facility
  • Billing for cable service added directly to resident’s monthly fees
  • No upfront capital investment for most solutions and incremental  5–15% revenue share, depending on participation levels
  • Immediate access to cable as soon as resident moves in
  • Auxiliary services requested
  • Possible discounted telephone service for admin and residents
  • Discounts on telephone-related equipment

How It Works

When a resident moves in and requests cable services, administrative staff notify Hospitality Network via an online secured service request submission form. It takes less than a minute for us to submit your service request for activation, transfer, or disconnection. Payment can be submitted through monthly billing by facility or pre-authorized debit for the individual resident.

Once payment is received, cable services are then immediately activated by removal of a cable security locking device provided by HN. When the resident leaves the home, the cable security lock is simply replaced until a new resident subscribes for cable service in that room.

For more information on how our resident home entertainment systems can innovate the way you provide senior care, contact Hospitality Network today.

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