Bringing You Peace Of Mind And Comfort Since 1967

Since its inception in 1967, Hospitality Network has grown to become Canada’s leading provider of interactive patient entertainment systems in the Canadian healthcare market. Hospitality Network leads the hospital market, serving more than 40,000 beds in more than 200 hospitals across Canada. Hospitality Network has also created a unique niche in the senior care homes market, and today is the leading provider of managed TV programming and telephone services to more than 19,000 suites in more than 170 homes across Canada.

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As an industry leader, Hospitality Network has been directly involved in the design and development of numerous innovative, interactive patient entertainment systems, including TV and phone rental systems, automated closed circuit education delivery systems, and new flat screen LCD TV products, all designed exclusively for use in the healthcare marketplace.

Hospitality Network’s Evolution as the Premier Provider of Interactive Patient Entertainment Systems in Canada

When patient TV was first introduced into Canadian hospitals, it was an American product that utilized a single low-voltage power supply that plugged into the electrical outlet at each bedside. Increasingly, as electrical outlets became needed for medical purposes, access to these electrical outlets became restricted for medical use only. At that time, a small Canadian-owned company called Sterivision pioneered and developed the central low-voltage system, thus eliminating the need to use electrical outlets in the patient environment.

The Sterivision system, now Hospitality Network’s, soon became the standard in interactive patient entertainment systems for all hospitals. The business model, whereby Sterivision would assume the entire capital cost for the system and TV installation, while also sharing with the hospital a portion of the collected revenue, also became the standard. Hospitals saw the opportunity to enhance patient comfort as well as the new revenue potential.

In 1982 and working with our hospital partners, Sterivision pioneered an automated education programming delivery system that would play BETA recorded tapes through the Sterivision system on select channels. To support the delivery of programming to the patients, TVs were installed at each bedside. Increasingly, hospitals viewed the Sterivision System as a pathway to the bedside, and today’s systems utilizethis concept.

During this time, competition in the healthcare sector was heating up, as more companies viewed their high-tech solutions as viable in a healthcare setting. Two key players emerged: TeleHealth Services and Hospitality Network (a subsidiary of SaskTel) – both with a solid history of providing quality technology and customer service in the industry. To fully realize the benefits of focusing on developing new and better products for the hospital market, these two players joined forces, and in 2000, TeleHealth Services became Hospitality Network.

For more than 45 years, Hospitality Network has been “keeping you in tune, in touch, and informed”. Leading the Canadian healthcare entertainment services market for decades, Hospitality Network intends to remain a leader and innovator within this ever-evolving industry.

Our Mission Is To:


Enhance patient satisfaction and engagement


Continuously improve each patient’s bedside experience


Improve revenue streams of healthcare facilities with interactive entertainment services.

The Leading Provider of Hospital Grade TV and Entertainment to Canadian Healthcare Market

Hospitality Network aims to improve patient care by providing interactive entertainment during hospital stays, and is today Canada’s leading entertainment service provider in the healthcare market.

For more than 45 years, Hospitality Network has provided comprehensive entertainment services, including TV, phone, Internet, movies, and games to more than 300 hospitals and senior care homes across Canada.

With a dual focus on patient entertainment and clinical integration, Hospitality Network’s goal is to provide an innovative, capital-free solution that generates revenue for the healthcare facility.

Hospitality Network offers future-proof solutions that can easily adapt with ever-changing technologies.

Solutions include basic services such as simple LCD TV sets, as well as state-of-the-art intelligent, touch-screen, user-friendly terminals that enable TV viewing, Internet browsing, and use of applications such as Skype.

Our solutions can also integrate with applications to control lighting, temperature, dietary selections, and clinical records access.

Hospitality Network’s Refund Policy

All paid patient bedside services are non-refundable and non-transferable to another patient.

  1. Technical/Service Issues
  2. Immediate Discharge/Cancelation
  3. Patient Death
  4. Other Exceptions (For Select Hospitals Only)

To read our full refund policy, please click below to download a PDF.

Our Refund Policy