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About Us

Hospitality Network is a broadband interactive television and telephone service provider focusing on communications and entertainment to the Healthcare industry in Canada. With over forty years worth of experience, Hospitality Network provides cable and telephone services to more than 50, 000 customers in over 400 healthcare locations nation wide.

We are a financially stable, wholly owned Canadian corporation in the business of providing hospital patient communication services. As the leading provider of interactive communication and entertainment solutions, our focus is largely on two main segments of the healthcare industry:

  • Acute care
  • Long term care

Our acute care division is the largest operator of patient television and telephone rental in Canada. Similarly, the Senior Care Home division is the preferred vendor for cable and telephone services for senior care facilities.

Our primary focus is to recognize and understand the unique Canadian healthcare environment and its inherent challenges. Hospitality Network is continually striving to introduce new services to our hospital clients that both enhance the patient in-hospital experience and generate additional revenues for the hospital. The new services either recently deployed or under development in client hospitals include:

  • Patient television equipment and rental management services
  • Patient telephone equipment and rental management services
  • Clinical applications delivered to the bedside
  • Automated service rentals supported with interactive and live technologies
  • Patient internet access
  • Bedside long distance operator services.

Hospitality Networks’ Senior Care Home (SCH) division, designs, provides and operates administrative telephone systems as well as resident telephone rental systems and cable television programming. The Company’s SCH division offers facility operators the ability to participate in new revenue generating opportunities.

Hospitality Network’s value proposition is like no other. Our solutions are built around saving you time and capital. Our solutions also offer you a new stream of revenue for you to use to reinvest in care. Finally, all of our solutions not only benefit health care facilities, but also dramatically increase patient / resident satisfaction

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